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Leave the Car Home for the Holiday Parties

December is the most popular month for social get togethers. Cider, cocktails, wine, and spirits are flowing and it’s a great time to catch up with friends and family. However, a couple of friendly cocktails could ultimately ruin your holiday season if they result in OVI. An OVI could result in thousands of dollars in… read more

Is Driving Too Slow Really a Crime?

Have you been recently pulled over for driving too slow? Did it ultimately lead to an OVI or DUI charge? There may be options to challenge the charge of “slow speed”. Jaime Glinka at Suhre & Associates can discuss your case with you and help you fight the case. What exactly is the “Slow Speed”… read more

Do you have an OVI in Dayton, Ohio?

If you have been charged with Operating Under the Influence in Dayton Ohio you will have to appear in court. A lawyer cannot make it go away without you. Your lawyer might be able to waive your appearance if you live out of town for some pretrial dates, but you will need to be present… read more

What is a Felony OVI in Ohio?

An OVI becomes a felony when you have a 4th or 5th offense in 10 years. You can also be charged with a felony OVI if you have a 6th OVI in 20 years. If you have had a prior felony OVI in your life each new OVI counts as a felony. The law in… read more

Plea Bargain? Bench Trial? Or Jury Trial?

Have you been recently charged with a crime? Have you hired an attorney? Now the prosecutor has offered you a plea bargain and you don’t know if you should take the deal or go to trial. This is a tough spot to be in, and only you can make that decision. However, the attorneys at… read more

What Constitutes a Marked Lanes Violation?

Many of our clients get initially pulled over for a “marked lanes violation.” This is what the police officer uses as a “probable cause” to initiate a DUI or OVI investigation. But, what exactly is a marked lanes violation? And when to police officers take this too far? What happens if you don’t actually cross… read more

Charged with an OVI in Vandalia Municipal Court?

Being arrested for an OVI in Ohio is the same as what you know as DUI or driving under the influence. The State of Ohio changed the penalties and definitions almost 20 years ago and made the new title Operating Under The Influence or OVI for short. Basically it is the same thing. How can… read more

Should I refuse a field sobriety tests if I’m arrested for OVI?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, what should I do if I’m stopped for DUI?. The answer, while very simple, is sometimes hard to understand. Let’s look at the two main phases of a DUI investigation to see what someone should do. The first part of a typical DUI investigation involves the… read more

Should I refuse a chemical test if I’m arrested for OVI?

There are three types of chemical tests an officer can request from a person arrested for OVI: blood, breath, and urine. By far the most common test is the breath test. This is because most police departments have their own machine and the test results are immediate. The most common reason for requesting a urine… read more

CCW Denial and Suspension in Ohio

Under Ohio law, county sheriffs are responsible for issuing Concealed Handgun Licenses. It’s important to note that Ohio does not issue Concealed Weapons Licenses (CCW), but rather Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL). The laws pertaining to concealed weapons still apply to a CHL holder, with certain exceptions for handguns. In other words, even if a person… read more