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Annie’s Law Toughens DUI & OVI Laws in Ohio

House Bill Number 388 (Annie’s Law) House Bill Number 388 has been signed by Governor Kasich and goes into effect on 4/6/17. This new series of modifications to the Ohio Revised Code are significant and include the following: Authorize a court to grant unlimited driving privileges with an ignition interlock device or Breathalyzer to a first-time… read more

Dealing with the courts when under suspension

I’m often asked by clients who are charged with driving under suspension, “What can I do before we go to court to help my case?” Without a doubt, the best answer is for the client to get their license valid. Sometimes this isn’t possible because the length of the suspension is longer than the time… read more

Dealing with the BMV

There are many times that I receive calls from clients who are having issues with their local BMV. Whether it’s getting a new license after a suspension period is over or trying to figure out what they need to do to get a valid license, the problems and complaints about the BMV are very common…. read more

If I have an out of state license, will my license be suspended in Indiana and my home state?

Not all Indiana OWI cases are charged to defendants who live in Indiana. Sometimes, out of state drivers visiting Indiana will end up charged with an OWI. If you end up failing any of the requested chemical tests, or if you refuse to submit to any requested chemical test (breath, blood, or urine), your driving… read more

How long are the pre-trial suspension times for taking a breath test on a first offense DUI?

When you are stopped by law enforcement and are accused of drinking and driving, the officer will typically ask you to submit to one of three chemical tests, breath, blood, or urine. In Indiana, having a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or above will mean you have failed that requested chemical test. If you fail… read more

What is an ALS?

The ALS is an Administrative License Suspension. This means that it is a suspension initiated by Bureau of Motor Vehicles and not the court. An ALS suspension can occur in one of two ways. First, if you get pulled over for OVI and you test over the legal limit. For example- If you get pulled… read more

OVI and CDLs

Do you have a commercial driver’s license? Did you get an OVI? Are you concerned about the ramifications that it can have on your license? Are you confused about the law surrounding OVIs and CDLs? The attorneys at Suhre and Associates can help you. What happens when a CDL holder gets pulled over in a… read more

New Year’s Eve and DUI

Many people ask me, as a criminal defense lawyer, isn’t New Year’s a busy time for you? All the people that are out drinking and driving? The truth of the matter is that most people who go out on New Years know that they’re going to have a few drinks. Because of that, they take… read more

Healey’s Favorite Holiday Cocktail Recipes & TSA Tips for Traveling with Alcohol on a Plane

See our TSA Tips for traveling with alcoholic beverages on an airplane Celebrate this season in style by responsibly enjoying some of my favorite cocktails: Mimosa 1/2 jug of your favorite orange juice (I prefer extra pulp) 1/2 bottle of your favorite champagne The perfect complement to any holiday breakfast or brunch. Some recipes I… read more

Holidays And Avoiding The Court System

I have spoken to various clients over the years of being a DUI / OVI lawyer in Dayton, Ohio. I have found some of them have mental health problems that are either undiagnosed or mismanaged. I have also seen people with known conditions that get worse over time. Another creeping problems is failure on the… read more