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I contacted Mr. Suhre after being arrested for an OVI completely panicked and confused about the process, possibilities, and outcomes in front of me. He reached out personally on a Sunday and discussed what happened and the realities of my situation. After our conversation, I already felt just a little bit more at ease and hired him that evening. I highly recommend his and his team’s services for anyone in a similar situation.

Avvo Review

My family highly recommends Nathan Miller. Our experience more than meets the expectations. Professional, quick to respond, keeps you up to date, and very personable. The mycase system they employ via the internet for messaging and court document retrievable is a wonderful tool to help keep you up to date and everything documented,. Simply said, 5-star service!

Kevin Kelly

I had hired an attorney prior to Rock and he really let me down. He wanted me to take a deal that would have cost me my job that I have had for 25 years. I got in contact with Rock, told him my situation, and he said he would fight for me not to take the deal. I was charge with a Felony DUI. I was facing jail time, home detention, community service, license suspension, and probation. Rock was able to get my charges dropped to reckless driving. I served no jail time, community service, home detention, and kept my license.

Randy B.

Rob is the best lawyer that I’ve met. I did everything that he advised me to do. I called him on weekends and even on a holiday. He always took my calls, and when we faced the jugde it worked out better than I expected. If you’re looking for someone that has your back, stop looking. Rob is your guy!

John Wilson

I will definitely recommend Joe and his Law firm to represent anyone. He did and excellent job for my husband. Furthermore, with his sharp personality he added a personal touch to our case. I will highly recommend Joe! I know I repeated myself twice about the recommending him, but his good!

Tyra G.