Kami Hunt 

Marketing Coordinator

Kami Hunt Suhre and Associates

After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 2015, Kami served as an intern at a local television station but quickly became interested in the marketing and advertising world, specifically in the area of legal marketing. “My role is so much more than the title reveals. As the firm’s marketing director, I have the opportunity to build relationships with vendors and clients. There’s a lot of reward that comes with being one of the key players who helps deliver the ultimate client experience.”

Suhre & Associates believes in treating clients the way we would want to be treated. This simple yet golden rule is what drives Kami to put her best foot forward each and every day – inside and outside the workplace. She often is the executor behind social campaigns but also the listening ear, the voice to the firm’s clients and their concerns or challenges. “No one expects to have to call a lawyer one day and go through a tough season; my goal is to do what I can to bring a little light to an unfortunate situation.” If you ever have any concerns, consider Kami the person to help facilitate or fulfill your specific need. 

When she is not developing relationships with Suhre & Associates clients’, Kami spends the majority of her time with her husband and furry feline, Ash. She also enjoys winding down her evenings with a home cooked meal, a glass of red wine and catching up on the latest series of TV shows.  

Mary Suhre 

Medical Nurse

When asked what values drive you, Mary Suhre says, “Integrity and open-mindedness.” Mary wears many hats at Suhre & Associates, including wife to owner Joe Suhre. She primarily serves the team as a registered nurse helping with evaluating medical records for each case that comes in. Mary has been in the game for a while, starting her nursing career nearly 22 years ago. She has worked in a variety of fields including oncology and bone marrow transplants. She currently shares her time in the field of pediatric cardiology research at a local Cincinnati hospital and reviewing medical records at the firm. 

One of Mary’s favorite quotes is, “Success in the sum of all small efforts, repeated day in and day out!” Hard work is definitely a part of her professional and personal growth. She is a big fan of The GaryVee Audio Experience. Earlier in 2019, the firm attended a conference where Gary Vaynerchuck was a keynote speaker and was thrilled to absorb the motivating message from the entrepreneur (and so much more).  

Mary is a big fan of the culture at Suhre & Associates. She sees the team as a hard-working bunch who have like-mindedness. “They [Suhre & Associates employees] see each other as valuable members of the team as a whole. Not one position is more important than another,” she says. When Mary is not working, she enjoys challenging herself in the gym, in fact, she has been a spin instructor for quite some time. She also finds joy in riding her horse. She recently placed at an event at the Kentucky Horse Park. Working out and her equestrian journey has shown to be an integral part of her motivators in life. 

It’s no question that Mary’s caring heart and positive mindset is an asset to those around her. That caring nature is often transferred to serving clients and what makes her a key member at Suhre & Associates. 

Annette Denton

Legal Receptionist

Anette Denton Suhre and Associates

First impressions are everything. Annette is the first smiling face you see when you enter our firm. She runs the front desk and facilitates all phone callswith heart. She serves at the frontlines in many capacities, which is why she is a leading player on our team. Prior to joining our team, she worked at a law firm for many years serving as their front desk receptionist, so the transition to Suhre & Associates for her was seamless.

One of her favorite quotes to live by is, “No matter how bad your life may seem, there are millions of other people who have it ten times worse than you. So, thank God for all your blessings, big and small.” Annette’s “glass half full” mentality is clearly shown in the energy she puts into her work. We know that we can depend on her to tackle any task with enthusiasm. In fact, commitment and dependability are a few of the values that drive her each day.

When she is not answering the phones, closing files or setting up appointments, she can be found spending time with her grandsons, knitting and crocheting.

Adrian Welch

Case Manager

Adrian Welch

A graduate of Miami University, Adrian Welch joined our team in 2021 and serves as one of the case managers for the firm. This role is a key player in communicating with our clients and handling their needs with confidence and reassurance.

She has a go-getter mentality and always makes herself available to the rest of the legal team. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. In fact, one of Adrian’s favorite quotes is,“Education is the one thing that no one can ever take away from you.”

This quote holds a lot of truth. Knowledge is power and she uses her knowledge from Miami University to assist the attorneys and other staff members with various projects and tasks. One of Adrian’s responsibilities as case manager is creating effective and efficient procedures, guidelines, and processes. These guidelines are an essential part of our firm and help us make decisions for the benefit of our clients.

Outside of the office, you might find her hanging with the family, probably doing something outdoors. Adrian is a big fan of hiking, kayaking, and camping. She also loves a good book –one of her favorites is The Alchemist –a message about pursuing your dreams and following your heart. It’s clear that Adrian is an ‘A’ player for the Suhre team and her work ethic and drive is top-notch.

Clayton Kute

Case Manager

Clayton Kute

Clayton Kute serves as one of the case managers for the firm. He primarily is the right-hand man for our Kentucky attorneys and works from our Louisville office. He has extensive experience handling the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that come with this role. Prior to joining our team, he worked for a law firm. The skills and knowledge he gained has helped him perform his duties as case manager effortlessly.

Clayton is someone who values compassion in and out of the workplace. He enjoys being able to help people and listen to our client’s needs. People often call our firm during one of the most difficult times of their life. If you find yourself speaking with Clayton, you are guaranteed to be in good hands.

Our goal at Suhre & Associates is to provide you with a successful outcome of your case. Clayton believes, “How many people you bless, is how you measure success.”

Clayton finds purpose in knowing that through his work he can help those who find themselves charged with a crime or in need of a solid defense team. When he’s not assisting our clients with their case, he is probably looking forward to his next tee time on the course.He’s also a big fan of anything by John Grisham –an American novelist known for his popular legal thrillers. Between Clayton’s drive and experience, he is a key component within the Suhre & Associates team.

Henri Heywood

Case Manager

Henri Heywood Suhre and Associates

Growing up in a large family, Henri Heywood was always encouraged to be a role model for others. She would strive for the best possible outcome no matter the odds she faced. You could say she applies this life motto to her work at Suhre & Associates. She primarily serves as the case manager for our fearless leader, Joe Suhre. Although, that is not all that she does – her many hats worn behind the scenes do not go unseen.  

Henri is a Cincinnatian that spent many years on the West Coast, but her heart brought her back to Ohio, where she found our firm and joined the team in 2021. Henri has an extensive background in the legal community, and uses that knowledge and experience to her advantage.  She brings a positive energy to the firm’s workplace and is always giving each client and case the dedicated attention that it needs. 

Outside of the office, you might find her at a local go-kart racetrack or enjoying the scenic views of Cincinnati and the surrounding areas via bicycle. Without a doubt, Henri is a valuable member of the team and her daily outlook on life in general is an inspiration to us all.  

Allison Dudek

client intake and relations specialist 

Allison Dudek

Inspiration is something that motivates you to do better and be better. Allison grew up with a circle of strong women who encouraged her to set a positive example in and out of the workplace. She serves as our client intake and relations specialist and joined our team on the tail end of 2021. One of the critical responsibilities for her role at the firm is to help measure the success of not only our internal communications as a team but also curating a relationship with prospective clients. 

Allison is a recent graduate of the University of Dayton, a top-tier research university.  During her time at UD, she was fortunate enough to experience leadership opportunities like representing the softball team as their team manager.

While sport manager roles may vary depending on the program, she was able to act as the liaison between the player and their needs. Her time as the team manager translates well in the way that she ensures potential clients and clients are taken care of with a 5-star service. In fact, one her favorite quotes to live by is, “Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise.”

When Allison’s not at the office, she loves to challenge herself with an upbeat cycle class.  Spring, summer, winter, or fall – all year round, you can bet she is DIY-ing her next jewelry obsession. Without question, Allison is a valuable part of the team and we are glad to have her on our side. 

Cassandra Theis-Vogl

Case Manager

Cassandra Theis-Vogl

Driven by compassion, Cassandra graduated from Montana State University with a focus in community health and has always tried to work to improve the outcomes and opportunities for her client base. She has a vision for a better, kinder tomorrow. One of the people that inspire her is her grandmother.

She considers herself to have a strong work ethic and able to overcome life’s obstacles in part to her grandmother who set that example throughout her life. Cassandra’s background in social services and case management translates well to her role as one of the firm’s criminal case managers. She joined our team at the start of 2022 and currently serves our clients in the Lexington area and surrounding counties. 

Cassandra defines success as treating each client, phone call or conversation with potential clients as the first interaction of the day. She puts her best foot forward and is dedicated to all that Suhre & Associates represents. She enjoys the different aspects of her role at the firm, including the individual needs and attention that each case requires. She strives to improve the outcome of our client’s case and deliver an excellent service. 

Living in Montana most of her life, Cassandra rode horses before she could walk and spent a great deal of time outdoors. She is grateful for those experiences and loves exploring the foothills of Kentucky. She resides in the Lexington area with her husband and two Greyhound dogs, Sandor and Finn.