December is the most popular month for social get togethers. Cider, cocktails, wine, and spirits are flowing and it’s a great time to catch up with friends and family. However, a couple of friendly cocktails could ultimately ruin your holiday season if they result in OVI. An OVI could result in thousands of dollars in attorney fees, a suspended driver’s license, and potential jail time.

This holiday season, Suhre and Associates has put together gift for our friends and family. We don’t want the police to be the “Grinch” that ruins your holidays. Please find below, a list of Columbus rideshare options that you can take advantage of so you can enjoy your parties without having to worry about who is driving home.

Blacklane Services

Blacklane services provides a luxury vehicle that can fit up to 5 passengers. There is an app available in the app store to download for free.

Columbus Yellow Cab

Columbus yellow cab has launched a very successful marketing campaign to try to compete with the more popular app-driven ride share options. The ͞tap that app͟ campaign has put Columbus Yellow Cab on the map in Columbus. You can download the free app through the app store and request yellow cab through your phone, just like you with Uber or Lyft.


Curb allows you to call a traditional taxi cab. Curb has 2 options for rides; 1) Ride Now- Immediate pick up and 2) Ride Later- This allows you to schedule a pickup up to 24 hours in advance. This app is also available for free in the app store.

If you’re looking to ride in style, or if you have a big group heading out for the night, might be the best option for you. offers reservations for up to 50 people! They say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. If you want to journey to the holiday parties, casino, and bars with your entire party- check out


Lyft is a typical ride share app for small parties. A lyft will provide a standard vehicle that will seat up to 4 passengers. One of the benefits Lyft is that it gives you a fare quote before the ride is ordered, so you know how much the ride will cost before you commit to ordering it. It also allows you to share the fare with other passengers who are in the car with you who also have the app. If you have 5-6 passengers, Lyft Plus is the way to go. Lyft plus can seat up to 6 guests and also allows you to split the fare.Lyft is free in the app store.


Uber is similar to Lyft, but offers a wider range of the type of vehicle you will cruise around the city in. Uber is free in the app store.

Uber X

Uber X is similar to a Lyft. This is a standard sedan that seats up to 4 people.