In addition to expanding our base of operations by opening a Lexington office last October, the firm now adds former prosecutor Jacob Elder to the Louisville roster, who spent three years in the Jefferson County Attorney’s DUI department.

Nathan Miller, managing attorney for the Louisville office, says Elder brings a lot to the position. “He’s got several years’ experience litigating DUIs, an area we focus on.” He adds, “We now have three former prosecutors, two public defenders, and a police officer in our ranks, making our ability to look at a case from every possible angle second to none.”

For Elder, the opportunity fulfills a desire to use the knowledge acquired during his time with the government as a means of holding them accountable.  “There’s some basic rights that everyone is supposed to be afforded, and unfortunately, sometimes the system allows them to fall through the cracks.” He plans on using the time spent on the other side of the table to ensure his clients receive the best representation possible. “I understand what needs to be proven in order to sustain a conviction, because I’ve done it. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and I’m looking forward to making the government prove it, beyond all reasonable doubt.”

Elder hits the ground running representing clients charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in Jefferson and surrounding counties, and is in the process of seeking admission to federal court, where he will lend a hand to the firm’s growing federal practice.