When I get a call from a prospective client who’s just received their first DUI, they’ve got literally a million questions. My goal is to take the time to answer those questions for them, give them an understanding of not only what they’re facing, but what can be done to help them.

One of the important things to remember is, it’s not the end of the world. The number one concern of our clients when they call with their first offense DUI is, “How can I get driving privileges? How can I get to work on Monday morning?”

That’s not the entirety of the case, there are fines. There are periods of probation that we have to report to a probation officer. There’s mandatory incarceration depending on it if it’s a high tier breath test or second offense.

These are all things that we take into account and focus on when developing the case plan to put forward the best offense that we can for our client.

Joe Suhre, Attorney at Law
Suhre & Associates, LLC