At the beginning of March, much of the Nation experienced changes in their everyday life, including their place of work, where they shop, travel plans and more. But most importantly, your health and the health of others is what matters most during this time.

Outbreaks such as COVID-19 can cause emotional distress and anxiety.

It’s important to check in with yourself and regroup. Some coping tips to consider:

  • Set a time limit on social media and news outlets.
  • Get active. Take a walk first thing in the morning to start your day. Not an early riser? Midday works, too.
  • Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol can contribute to your overall wellness.

Most of us are missing family and friends, or social interaction with others. Take advantage of technology and schedule a video call using platforms like Zoom, Facetime and Skype. Prefer to do it the old-fashioned way? Pick up the phone and call a friend or relative that you have been wanting to check-in on.

Businesses big and small have transitioned their employees to working from home. For some, this may be the best thing to ever happen to their productivity. For others, it might still be a struggle to find the motivation in your own home. Take a glance at some of the best practices and tips for working from home:

  • Define a workspace. Avoid working in areas like the couch or your bedroom, where you are programmed to relax.
  • Prioritize at the beginning and end of every day. Make a list of your top 3 tasks for the day or top 5 big projects for the week and commit to checking those off the list.
  • Connect with your coworkers. Whether you’re a seasoned work from home teammate or new to the transition, intentionally connect with your fellow coworkers throughout the week on a phone call or video conference.

Our firm may not be the experts on working from home, but we are certainly rolling with the changes. We are collaborating more than ever and implementing changes and processes now to make us better for the future. While we are all practicing social distancing, keep in mind that we can all be kind to one another. After all, we are all in this together, and together we can overcome.