Being familiar with the courthouse staff and the local procedures makes handling a case substantially easier for an attorney. If your attorney knows who to talk to and what to ask for, the anxiety brought on by being in unfamiliar territory is minimal. However, even if your attorney knows everyone in the courthouse, plays golf with the judge, and was college roommates with the prosecutor, none of that matters when they are standing in front of 8 strangers in the jury box and your liberty is on the line.

What does it mean to be comfortable in the courtroom?

Many attorneys never see a courtroom in their entire career. Others go to pre-trials,settlement conferences, or plea conferences, and arrange a settlement or plea for their client without ever actually arguing a motion or trying a case. Then, there are attorneys who have never been taught or studied the art of trial. These attorneys are usually nervous, rely on notes, and do not effectively connect with and communicate their client’s defense to the jury. If you have a triable case, meaning that there is either a factual or legal reason why you should be found not guilty, these are the attorneys you should avoid.

Since Jaime was 18 years old she was studying the art of a trial. When she was a freshman at Miami University she began to learn, research, and practice effective ways to try a case. She continued to study and compete in trial competitions throughout her undergraduate career and then through law school. She was an award winning attorney. When Jaime was a prosecutor, she tried and won more jury trials than any other attorney in her office.

Jaime currently coaches Miami University’s Mock trial team. She teaches the students how to develop themes and theories for their case. She teaches how to draft a direct that enables the jury to connect with the witness. How to cross witnesses. How to pull the answers they need. How to keep witnesses focused. How to argue objections. The rules of evidence. And general courtroom etiquette.

What benefit does this bring to her clients?

Jaime quite literally grew up in the courtroom. She is familiar and comfortable in the courtroom setting. Because of her extensive trial experience, she is always thoroughly prepared and ready for the trial. She does not rely on notes or read her questions or statements to the judge or jury. Jaime actively engages her audience.

This is beneficial to her clients becuase if your attorney is comfortable, you are more likely to be comfortable. No one wants to be in this situation. No one wants to be preparing for trial with their attorney. It is not something you ever plan on. However, it happens. And when it does, you want an attorney who is confident and comfortable. That way, you can be at ease and trust your attorney.

If you have been arrested and you want a confident attorney that is not intimidated by the thought of a trial, contact Jaime Glinka at Suhre and Associates.